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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Sex Hormones

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Psychology 2075
Michelle Everest

Chapter 5 TermsSEX HORMONES Hormones Chemical substances secreted by the endocrine glands in the bloodstream Hormone Response may be quick acting effects sexual response or slower long lasting blood sugar regulation Androgens The group of male sex hormones including testosterone Estrogens The group of female sex hormonesy 1 Estrone y 2 Estrodiol y 3 Estriol strongestTestosterone Hormone secreted by testes present in lower levels in female Progesterone Female sex hormone secreted by the ovaries Hypothalamus small region of the brain that is important in regulating many body functionsincluding sex hormoney Regulates pituitaryPituitary Gland A small endocrine gland located on the lower side of the brainbelow hypothalamusy Very important in regulating levels of sex hormonesy Regulates gonadsy 3 lobes anterior intermediary posteriory Secretes FSH and LH SEX HORMONE SYSTEMS IN THE MALE Follicle Stimulating Hormone FSH secreted by pituitarystimulates follicle development in femalessperm production in males y Regulated by GnRHy Controls sperm productiony Regulation of FSH levels occurs via the Negative Feedback Loop created between inhibin and testosterone not by neg feedback loop of HPG Axis Luteinizing HormoneLH secreted by the pituitary regulates estrogen secretion and ovum development in femalestestosterone production in male y Regulated by GnRHy Controls testosterone productionGonadotropinreleasing Hormone GnRH secreted by hypothalamusregulates pituitarys secretion of gonad stimulating hormones HPG Axis hypothalamuspituitarygonad axis negative feedback loop that regulates sex hormone productiony An axis of influence that function together to regulate endocrine functioning related to sexuality puberty and gestation y aintain testosterone levels o Testosterone levels lowunregulates hypothalamus production of GnRH stimulates pituitary to produce more LH thus more testosterone
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