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Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Sexually Transmitted Infections

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Psychology 2075
Corey Isaacs

Chapter 8 Sexually Transmitted Infectionssexual health state of physical emotional mental social well being related to sexuality absence of disease and STIs STIs affect physical sexual health and psychological aspects of dealing with STI can affect emotional mental social aspects of sexual health and well beingSTI is used because it in includes infection with and without symptoms unlike STD symptoms onlyincrease in newly acquired STIs in CanadaSTIs disproportionately affect teens and young adults HPV trichomoniasis and chlamydia account for most casesof 60 million that have HIV half were infected between 1524 years oldsome STIs caused by bacteria or viruses few caused by other organismsbacterial infections cured with antibioticsviral infections cannot be cured but treated to reduce symptoms CHLAMYDIA bacterium spread by sexual contact infects genitalsbecome most prevalent STI in Canadarate has been rising since 1997adolescent girls have high rate of infection 5x national rateSymptoms Menthin clear discharge mild discomfort during urination 714 days after infectionsimilar to gonorrhoea in male pus like discharge more discomfort50 asymptomatic no symptomsdiagnosed from urine sample to test bacterium Women75 of cases are asymptomatic may never go to clinic for treatment undiagnosed and untreateddiagnosed from sample of cells from cervixTreatmentquite curable treated with azithromycin or doxycycline does not respond to penicillin poorly treated or undiagnosed can lead to urethral damage epididymitis infection of epididymis Reiters syndrome proctitis those who have analuntreated women pelvic inflammatory disease PID infertility from scarring of fallopian tubesbaby born from infection mother can have eye infection or pneumoniaPreventiongoal of developing a vaccine to prevent infection currently effective in mice but not in humansscreening asymptotic carriers identified treated and cured to stop spreading diseasefemales more than males are being screened ineffective at reducing prevalence of chlamydia consistent use of condomHPV Human Papillomavirussome cause genital warts cervical cancer or no symptoms at allgenital warts cauliflower like warts on genitals urethral opening shaft or scrotum vulva walls of vag or cervix may occur in anus appear 38 months after intercourse with infected personmajority are asymptotic but can still transmit virus2033 of women have HPV in canada 1125 are cancer causing highest rate of HPV among women under 25highly infectious condoms reduce risk do not eliminate thoughtransmitted from skin to skin contact most often contact of genitals oral sexcauses almost all cases of cervical cancer HPV 16 and 18 70 of cases of cervical canceralso associated with cancer of penis and anus30 diff types of HPV come cause genital warts low risk dont cause cancerothers increase risk of cervical cancer high risk typesoral sex increased risk of oral cancers
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