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Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Adult Sexuality/Life Cycle

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Psychology 2075
Corey Isaacs

Chapter 11 ADULT SEXUALITYLIFE CYCLESexual development heterosexuality is the norm but some people slip into it to easilysome sense theyre gay or lesbian but struggle with societies heterosexismheterosexism The belief that heterosexuality is the best and expected way of livingresearch shows that heterosexuals sometimes have homosexual fantasies and vice versa sexuality not always consistent in all areas struggle over sexual orientation is more difficult in males because heterosexuality is an important cornerstone of the male role in many societiesone reason it may be hard for us to communicate with sexual partners is because there arent many role models in society showing us how2 important issues in achieving sexual maturity becoming responsible about sex and developing a capacity for intimacyfirst show that talked about lives of gays and lesbians Queer as Folk and Will and Grace sex and the city single female characters pursuing sex for pleasureNever married adults who have never legally been married both those who intend to but havent yet and people who decided to remain singleCensus 2006 93 2024 and 70 2529 were never married 1971 56 2024 and 21 2529 were never marriedIn Canada up to 95 of adults do get married 2003 average age of marriage 285 for women and 306 for menPeople who spend entire time in one relationship which eventually leads to marriage among married people 2029 46 men and 65 women are in the category Among married persons 2029 40 men and 28 women had 2 or more sexual partners before they marriedLong distance relationshipgreater depression and lower relationship satisfaction not necessarily more stable less likely to end if partners have more trust and faith in their partners commitment expect more support form partner and are more optimistic about the future of the relationship also better when they see the relationship as idealized rather than realistic and the less frequently they see each other the more likely they are to remain idealizedlong distance relationships often end when partners start living in the same locationafter age 30 many social structures college etc that helped them meet new people are goneChaste Abstaining form sexual intercourse sexually celibate3 types of involuntary celibates 1Virgins 2Singles had sex but reported it not satisfying were unable to find and maintain longterm relationships both groups had residential and work arrangements that made it hard to meet people research suggest that competence in romantic relationship in adulthood is predicted by ones competence in the social and academic domains in late adolescence3 Partnered persons in sexless relationships typically had sex in past but frequency declined over timeBeing Single lava life 1 million members 60 male 40 femalecybersex online sexually oriented communication activities or exchangesCanadian survey of 769 uni students 18 of men and 10 of women had used online dating in the previous 12 months internet daters more likely to be male single divorced employed urban and have higher incomes they are not socially isolated as has sometimes been assumed26 of single men and 20 of single women report having sexual intercourse 2 or more times per week
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