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Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Attraction, Love, Communication

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Psychology 2075
Corey Isaacs

Chapter 12 Attraction Love Communicationpoll where met current partnerfriends 33 school 12 family 3 religious setting 3Mereexposure effect the tendency to like a person more if we have been exposed to him or her repeatedly works with other stimuli too more likely to like girl next door than randomAttracted to people of the same age ethnicity background economic and social statusHomophilly the tendency to have contact with people who are equal in social statusgreatest in raceethnicity then educationage couples are least likely to be the same religion short term partnerships are as homophilous as marriages and common law relationships 54 of CADs have same education level 46 prefer couple with same religion 13 prefer same ethnic background somewhere were different racial groups have coexisted for generations there tends to be more interracial relationships Nova Scotia the more satisfied someone is with their relationship the more they assume the other person is similar to themMatching phenomenon The tendency for men and women to choose as partners people who match them who are similar in attitudes intelligence and attractiveness dominantsubmissive people have more satisfaction than 2 of the same similarity in attitudes important but similarity in personality is not similarity in attachment stylesmarital satisfactionattitude not couples vs randomly matched people couples had similar values religiously political attitudes but no more similar personalitiescouples are similar in age race and educationPhysical attractiveness given a choice of more than on potential partner people will choose the more attractive one even kids 3 years old are more attracted to attractive people young people typically rate physical attractiveness as most important black people tend to find light skin more attractivephysical attractiveness is more important to males than females Canadian average of self attractiveness rating 67 10 CAD average to partners attractiveness 8 10 survey would you want ordinary face and nice bod or hot face and ok bod twice as many women as men chose those the extraordinary face 59 vs 29Interpersonal marketplacewhom we are attracted to and pair off with depends a lot on how much we think we have to offer and how much we think we can buy with it historically women is based on attractiveness and mens on successstudy rated attractiveness of people in yearbook photos 15 years later people who were rated the most attracted in high school were more likely to have husbands who had high incomes and were highly educated survey rated attractiveness then asked about potential partners more attractive women said that middle status jobs electrician etc were not okay but less attractive said they were okayAttraction online people seeking are educated 2040 year olds 11 of people had visited a dating site main reason people use is to meet people they could otherwise not meettechnology focuses you on looking at persons interests and values people in relationships that started online report lower relational intimacy than those that started face to face first impression of someone is heavily influenced by imagination which can create powerful attraction
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