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Chapter 17

CHAPTER 17- Sex for Sale

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Psychology 2075
Corey Isaacs

CHAPTER 17 SEX FOR SALETwo ways in sex can be bought and sold commercial sex work and pornCommercial Sex WorkSex workers those who work as prostitutes escorts erotic dancers phone sex workers in nontherapeutic massage parlours and as porn modelsactorsSale of a service to satisfy a sexual fantasy produce sexual excitement or arousal andor provide sexual satisfaction to the customer Commercial sex workers hookers prostitutes person who engages in sexual acts in return for money or drugs and does so in a fairly nondiscriminating fashionoSocial critics point out that some dating and marriage arrangements also fall into this categoryCriminal Code prohibits communication offences that enable solicitation of prostitution rather than actual act itself Considered minor offence punishable usually by fine or short jail term for repeat offendersKeeping or being found in a common bawdyhouse legal term for place where prostitution occurs procuring pimping and living off the avails are also illegal maximum sentences for these significantly higher than the communication offencesAlso illegal to keep a bawdyhouse for performance of indecent acts determined by community standardsCriticisms of current lawoAlthough legal no clear guidelines where prostitution can take placeoDifficult to enforceprobability of arrest lowoThus laws do little to discourage women from becoming prostitutesEnforcement of these laws results in a disproportionate prosecution of women rather than the men they service and street prostitutes bc of their visibility compared to those in brothels escort services etc69 of Canadians believe prostitution is immoral although this is fewer than those who believe shoplifting 89 or cheating 81 is immoralMen ppl w higher incomesppl w uni degrees less likely to view prostitution as immoralVENUES FOR FEMALE SEX WORKERSResearch in New Brunswick 80 of sex workers work the streets the rest work for an escort agency or strip clubIn Vancouver on the other hand most work in a variety of venuesCall Girl Works out of her own residence makes appointments w clientsoOften middleclass may be a uni gradoDresses expensively lives in upscale neighbourhoodo100hr in mediumsize city 200hr in major metropolitan areasoAs well as sexual gratification she may accompany clients to businesssocial gatheringsoConsiderable autonomy their physicalhealth risks reduced by the setting in which they workAnother venue for commercial sex work is the brothel a house of prostitution where sex workers and customers meet for sexual activityBrothel s declined post WWII last 20 yrs have been replaced by incall services which employ women working regular shifts in an apartment or condo servicing clients who come to the locationoMajor cities 150200hroUsually less autonomy than call girl generally manager or madam who determines conditions of work fees and collects substantial percentage of each feeoIncall workers have less choice of clientsservicesoBrothels and incall services illegal in Canada under the CC provision that it is illegal to be involved in a common bawdyhouseMassage Parlour A place where massages as well as sexual services can generally be purchasedoSometimes legit massage service other times sensual massage or erotic massage givenoVary greatly in dcor and priceoSome accept credit cards with the business listed as a restaurantoMore professional buildings charge from 100300oAt the other end of the scale storefront parlours often located in commercial sex districts offer no amenities and charge rates of 40100Escort Service Most employ both men and women who will engage in sexual activityoLike massage parlours may have standard menu or escort may get to decide activitiesoReferred to as an outcall service since the escorts go to the clientsoMore risky cannot control settingoSeveral Canadian cities license escorting including Calgary
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