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Cozby and Rawn Chapter Seven ▯ We focus a lot in this course on the importance of experimentation; it is the crown jewel in the scientific method because it allows us to create cause and effect theories about ourselves and our world. However, survey research is a crucial tool of research methods across all of the social sciences. Survey research often precedes experimental work in a field by helping us gather descriptive information about a behaviour (e.g., how many of us have yearly medical check-ups) or state of affairs (e.g., how many of us do not have a family doctor). Having descriptive data can help us understand a problem (e.g., why do people fail to recognize when their behaviours are damaging their health?) and then study it (e.g., if a group is given access to valid online health information will their general well-being be superior to a group who does have this access?). ▯ Surveys can be used by employers to vet someone for a position. Surveys are also used to help you understand yourself and I’m sure most of you have taking an online personality test or perhaps taken a Cosmo survey! But back to research, it’s also the case that much information that informs public opinion and public policy i
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