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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 notes

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Psychology 2810
Doug Hazlewood

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Psychology 2800E Chapter 1 Ways of KnowingEMPIRICISM Relying on direct experience and observationsWays of KnowingNonempirical Empirical methodsmethodslogic authorityintuitiondiscourseScienceAuthority yCharles Peirce 1877 The fixation of Belief o One with authority often provides reliable information based on experience and knowledgeyProblems o Because the authorities disagree amongst themselves we are inclined to reject authority as a way of knowing o Authority ties often are wrong even when they assert their beliefs most forcefullyLogical Discourseythe a priori method knowledge thats agreeable to reasonyUse of deductive logic syllogisms begin with general premises believed a priori to be true deduce specific conclusions new knowledgeyExample do kangaroos have liversPremise 1 all kangaroos are mammalsPremise 2 all mammals have liversConclusion all kangaroos have liversyProblem 1 the premises might not be trueP1 Socrates was a dog
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