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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 notes

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Psychology 2810
Doug Hazlewood

Psychology 2800E Chapter 3 Ethics in ResearchA What is ethics a A branch of philosophy concerned with moral issues of right and wrong B Why do scientists need an ethical code of conduct a In the early 1900s it became clear that scientists needed ethical codes i The Tuskegee syphilis study 1932 a treatment of syphilis was deliberately withheld from patients 1 Participants were poor African Americans b The Willowbrook hepatitis study 1956 children with cog disabilities deliberately infected hepatitis c Medical experiments in German concentration camps during WW2 i Immersed prisoners with ice cold water ii Shooting them with poison bullets iii Infecting them with disease iv The Nuremberg trials 1946 20 scientists charged with willing participation in crimes against humanity 1 All were renounced scientists 16 were guilty 7 were hanged Ethical Codes of Conduct A The Nuremberg code 1947 10 basic principles 1 The voluntary consent of the human s
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