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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

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Psychology 2010A/B
Terry Biggs

Andrea Loa Psych 2010A Chapter 5 - Long-Term Memory • LTM - memory that has no capacity limits and last from minutes to an entire lifetime • no limits with capacity nor duration The Atkinson-Shiffrin Model • Transferring Information from STM to LTM • control processes: strategies that a person uses to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge (includes rehearsal, coding, and imaging) •rehearsal - repetition of information •coding - attempts to place the info to be remembered in the context of additional, easily retrievable information, such as a mnemonic phrase or sentence •imaging - involves creating visual images to remember verbal info • Verbal Information and Learning • rote learning - learning by repetition rather than through understanding • the predicted probability of a correct response therefore depended on both the number of trials in which the item was rehearsed and the number of intervening trials that occurred between the time the item left the rehearsal set and the test trial • Rehearsal and the Serial Position Effect • an easy way to test the proposal that verbal rehearsal results in learning is ask someone to rehearse out loud • serial posi
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