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Chapter 12


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Western University
Psychology 2020A/B
Christine Tenk

Drugs and Behaviour Psych: 2020A Dr. Tenk Chap 12: Caffeine: Stimulant compounds: natural occurring insecticides - Natural pesticide. - Stimulatory effects= over excitation and death Caffeine- in coffee Theophylline- tea 10x theobromine – chocolate History of tea - Tea- oldest caffeine containing beverage - 2737 B.C. also used for medicinal purposes - Xanthenes  anti- asthma treatment - Dec, 16 1773: Boston tea party: American tea merchants rising against British – 40-60 merchants poured into water - Replaced by coffee Where tea come from: 4 types of tea - Camellia sinensis – evergreen tree Picking tea leaves - Bud leaf: flowering orange pekoe - 2 leaf= orange pekoe rd - 3 leaf: peoke - Orange pekoe: not a variety of plant but size and quality of tea leaf s All the colors of the rainbow - Black: most fermented - Green: no fermination - White: buds - Oolang tea is the 4 type Stimulant compinds Caffeine Theophylline Polyphenols: antioxidants ( EGCG) - Decrease heart disease, inflammatory disorders and cancer Current tea consumption - Per capita - Global avg  0.3 kgs - Yearly Canadian consumptions = 79.4L 217mL/ day/ person – less than a cup History of coffee – Ethiopia History of coffee -Mid 1500’s - Mid 1600s - 1700s Current consumptions - Yearly Canadian
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