Psychology 2020A/B Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Substance Abuse, Cough Medicine, Caffeine

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Chapter 1 Drugs and behavior
Drug use in society
- Mixed messages such as warning signs on smokes, president showing up in Harold and
Two ways of looking at drugs and behavior
- How society gives rise to drug behavior in individuals
- How drugs we take change our behavior.
What is drug?.
- Chemical substances when taken alters structure or fuction in our body.
- There is NO perfect definition to encompass ALL possible drugs.
- This is b/c for example chilli peppers have capsasin, which increases metabolism. However
this chemical in food is considered as food, but when you take it out and put it in pill form
we consider is as a drug.
- Intended use Many Vietnam veterans that were hospitalized would drink 7 10 litters of
water to change the acidity in their blood so they feel intoxicated.
- Therefore, it is very important to know the intended use of substances.
Categorizing drugs
- Licit drugs Legal
- Illicit drugs illegal
- When you classify durgs you need to take the intention and motivation to take the drugs.
Two types of drug use
- Recretional use to feel high
- Here the goal is taking the drug, such as going to Ceeps to drink a beer
- Instrumental use using a drug for a specific goal, such as taking caffeine to wake up, taking
painkillers to relieve pain this has to be accepted in society.
- Taking drugs to a mean to an END.
- Cough syrup and carbonation = Licit drug, but for recreation use.
- Morphine = as licit if prescribed, but illicit when not prescribe and can be used for
recreational or Instrumental.
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