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Chapter three- Clinical Assessment

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Psychology 2030A/B
David Vollick

Chapter ThreeClinical Assessment and Diagnosis Assessing Psychological Disorders pg70Clinical Assessment o Systematic evaluation and measurement PsychologicalBiological SocialDiagnosis o Degree of fit between symptoms and diagnostic criteria Purposes of clinical assessment o To understand the individual o To predict behaviour o To plan treatmento To evaluate treatment outcomeAnalogous to a funnel o Starts broado Multidimensional in approach o Narrow to specific problem areasThree Concepts Determine Value of Assessmentpg7071Reliabilityo Consistency is measurement Eg testrelated interrater reliabilityo Consistency across timevarious testsetcValidity o What the test measures and how well it does so Eg content concurrent discriminant construct and face validity Standardization o Standards and norms help ensure consistency o Examples include administration procedures scoring and evaluation of dataClinical Interview and Physical Exam pg 7176Clinical Interview o Most common clinical assessment methodo Structured or semistructuredPhysical ExamMental Status Exam o Rule out toxicity med Side effects etc o Oriented x 3ability to identify person place and time Behavioural Assessment and Observation pg7678Behavioural Assessment o Focus on here and now o Tends to be direct and minimally inferentialo Identify antecedents behaviours and consequencesfunctional analysisBehavioural Observation and Behavioural Assessment o Can be either formal or informal o Selfmonitoring vs others observing
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