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Chapter 1

Chapter 1- Abnormal Behavior

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Psychology 2030A/B
David Vollick

Chapter 1Abnormal Behavior in Historical Context Psychological Disorder psychological dysfunction within a person that is associated with distress or impairment in functioning and a response that is not typical or culturally expected Jodyboy who fainted at the sight of bloodblood injury injection phobia Phobia a psychological disorder characterized by marked and persistent fear of an object or situation What is a psychological disorderno one criterion has yet been developed that fully defines abnormality Psychological Dysfunction breakdown in cognitive emotional or behavioral functioningproblems often considered to exist on continuum rather than a categoryjust having a dysfunction is not enough to meet the criteria for a psychological disorder Personal Distressby itself does not define abnormal behaviorfor some disorders suffering and distress are absent manicmost psychological disorders are extreme expressions of otherwise normal emotions behaviors and cognitive processes Atypical or Not Culturally Expectedimportant but also insufficient to define abnormalityPamela Anderson exampledeviating from the average does not work very well as a definitionAnother view is that your behavior is abnormal if you are violating social normsCultural differencesThe Science of PsychopathologyPsychopathology the scientific study of psychological disorders Trained Professionals in the fieldClinical Psychologiststypically have PhD some have masterstend to treat severe peoplePsychotherapist and therapist are not regulated by the provincial psychology boards or collegesA social worker psychologist and a psychiatrist can all refer to themselves as psychotherapistsCounseling Psychologiststend to study and treat relatively healthy peoplePsychiatristsearn an MD in med school first then specializeMarriage and family therapists mental health counselors typically spend one or two years earning a masters degree
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