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Chapter 13

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Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Chapter 13Careers and WorkLove and work work and love thats all there isSigmund Freud Industrialorganization IO psychology is the study of human behaviour in the workplace A recent concern is how individuals balance work and family life An imbalance between these two spheres of daily living can lead to what IO psychologists call workfamily conflict Choosing a CareerOne of the biggest decisions in life is choosing a careerThe average person works at least 8 hours a day 5 days a week 50 weeks a year for 40 to 45 years Therefore it is important to enjoy what you do for a living Examining Personal characteristics and Family InfluencesPeople with limited job skills and qualifications have limited job options Choosing a career is a luxury usually afforded to the middle and upper classes For those are able to select a career personal qualities and family influences come into playPersonal CharacteristicsIndividuals who axhibit secure attachment and who have a sense of selfefficacy about careerrelevant abilities thus find it easier to make career choicesAlthough intelligence does not necessarily predict occupational success it does predict the likelihood of entering particular occupations because intelligence is related to academic success Ex professions such as law medicine and engineeringopen only to those who meet increasingly high criteria In many occupations special talents are more important than general intelligence Specific aptitudes that might make a person well suited for certain occupations include creativity artistic or musical talent mechanical ability clerical skill mathematical ability and persuasive talents In particular social skills is highly crucial As people travel through life they acquire a variety of interests Interests underlie your motivation for work and your job satisfaction so they should definitely be considered in your career planningFinally you should choose an occupation that is compatible with your personalityFamily InfluencesIndividuals career choices are strongly influenced by their family backgroundPeople who grow up in middle class homes are likely to aspire to highpaying professions in law medicine or engineeringIndividuals from lowincome families often lean toward bluecollar jobs in construction work office work and food serviceFamily background influences career choice for several reasons1A key predictor of occupational status is the number of years of education an individual has completed And because parents and children often attain similar levels of education they are likely to have similar jobs2Career attainment is related to socioeconomic status The factors that mediate this relationship are educational aspirations and attainment during the school years 1
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