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Chapter 13

chapter 13 - careers and work

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Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Chapter 13Careers and Work Industrial organizational psychology IO is the study of human behaviour in the workplaceoStudy worker motivation and satisfaction job performance leadership occupational hazards personnel selection and diversityoRecent concernbalancing work and family life workfamily conflictChoosing a Career Spend more time working than any other activity therefore you should enjoy your jobImportance of your career decision is enormous Increased training and education required to get into most fields make it more importantthan ever to choose thoughtfullyStepsoNeed a clear grasp of your personal characteristicsoNeed realistic information about potential careersoSelecting an occupation good match with your personal characteristics Examining Personal Characteristics and Family InfluencesChoosing a career is a luxury usually afforded to the middle and upper classes For those who are able to select a career personal qualities and family influences come into playPersonal Characteristics oIndividuals who exhibit secure attachment and who have a sense of selfefficacy about careerrelevant abilities find it easier to make career choicesoIntelligence does not necessarily predict occupational success it does predict the likelihood of entering particular occupations Because intelligence is related to academic successwhich is the key into certain fields Relationship between intelligence and occupational level generally holds well for men but an abilityachievement gap exists for women oSpecific aptitudes that might make a person well suited for certain occupations include creativity artistic or musical talent mechanical ability clerical skill mathematical ability persuasive talents oParticular characteristicsocial skills use of teams is increasing oInterests underlie your motivation for work and job satisfaction oImportant to choose an occupation that is compatible with personalityFamily Influences oCareer choices are strongly influenced by their family background oKey predictor of occupational status is the number of education an individual has completedParents and children often attain similar levels of education and therefore likely to have similar jobsoCareer attainment is related to socioeconomic status
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