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Chapter 8

chapter 8

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Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Chapter 8Interpersonal CommunicationOctober 10 2011Sometimes its not what people say its how they say itCommunicationSending and receiving messages that have meaning personal thoughts have meaning but this is intrapersonal communicationInterpersonal CommunicationInteractional process in which one person sends a message to anotherFor communication to be interpersonal two people must be involvedInvolves a series of actionsTina talks don listens don talks Tina listensBoth participants send and receive information when they are interacting People with similar backgrounds are apt to understand each other betterAspects of the communication ProcessThe key elements are1the sender2the receiver3the message4the channel through which the message is sent5noise and interference6the context in which the message is communicated1 The sender is the person who initiates the messageIn a typical two way conversation bother people serve as senders2The receiver is the person to whom the message is targeted3The message refers to the information or meaning that is transmitted from the sender to the receiver two important cognitive processes underlie in the transmission of the messageSpeakers encode or transform their ideas into symbols and organize them into a messageReceivers decode or translate a speakers message into their own ideas and feelingsPeople also communicate nonverbally through facial expressions gestures and vocal inflections used to supplement and sometimes totally change a message Thanks a lot can be nice or mean
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