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Chapter 9

chapter 9

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Western University
Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Chapter 9Friendship and LoveOctober 17Close relationships are central for our livesCome in many formsFriendshipsWorkFamilyRomanticCollege students feel closest to romantic partner 47 friend 36 family member 14 coworker 3They can arouse intense feelings both positive and negative Paradox of Close Relationships related to the best aspects of life but also the worstInitial Attraction and Relationship DevelopmentAttraction initial desire to form relationshipInitial Encounters What draws people togetherProximityFamiliarityPhysical attractivenessProximity geographic residential and other forms of special closeness not an issue with cyberspaceRelationships can be determined by seating assignments etcMight develop attraction because this makes people familiarFamiliarity mere exposure effect increase in positive feelings toward someone based on frequent exposureFeel positive just seeing someone even with no interactionThe more familiar someone is the more likely you will like themIf your initial reaction was negative those feelings will be greaterPhysical Attractiveness plays major roll in initial face to face encountersThe need for PA has increased over the last 50 years with men saying it is very importantFor Marriage Partnersboth male and female ranked honesty and trustworthiness highestFor Sexual Partnersboth male and females ranked attractiveness the highestFor Friendshipgood looks play a rolemales prefer attractiveness in their same and other gender friendsBoth hetero and homo men want physical attractiveness partners than hetero and homo womenHeterosexuals value religion fondness of kids and parenting abilities more than homos didAttractiveness is ranked higher for men than womenPersonality traits rank higher than attractivenessWhat Makes Someone More AttractiveFacial features and physique but an unattractive body is seen as a greater liability than an unattractive faceMales place greater emphasis on body build and PA than females doFour Qualities that Cause someone to be seen as More or Less Attractive1neonate baby face2mature features3expressiveness4groomingwomen with neonate features rank higher combo of neonate and mature featuresExpressive Traits large smile high set eye brows Grooming Traits things people do to enhance their other physical qualities make up clothingGay men are more dissatisfied with their overall body body hair and muscles being highestBoth gay and straight men want to be thinner and more muscularthis dissatisfaction increases with ageHetero men trade occupational status for younger PA women and Visa versaThe Matching HypothesisPeople of similar levels of PA gravitate toward each otherParental Investment TheoryMating patterns depend on what each sex has to invest time energy and survival risk to produce and nurture offspringFigure 93
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