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Chapter 4

Coping processes - Chapter 4

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Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

1Coping Processes The Concept of Coping y Coping refers to efforts to master reduce or tolerate stress y People cope with stress in many ways over 400 distinct coping techniques y It is most adaptive to use a variety of coping strategies o The ability to show coping flexibility and use multiple coping strategies has been related to increased resilience and decreased distress during stressful events y Coping strategies vary in their adaptive value Common Coping Patterns of Limited Value Giving Up y Learned helplessness is passive behaviour produced by exposure to unavoidable aversive events o Peoples cognitive interpretation of aversive events determines whether they develop learned helplessness behavioural disengagement o Helplessness seems to occur when individuals come to believe that events are beyond their controllikely in pessimistic explanatory style individual Acting Aggressively y Aggression is any behaviour intended to hurt someone either physically or verbally y Frustration frequently elicits aggression y Freuds catharsis behaving aggressively could get pentup emotion out of ones system and thus be adaptiveexperimental research shows the opposite behaving in an aggressive manner tends to fuel more anger and aggression Indulging Yourself y Stress sometimes leads to reduced impulse control selfindulgence y Developing alternative rewards as a common response to stress smoking shopping eating gambling drinking drug use y Internet addiction consists of spending an inordinate amount of time in the internet and inability to control online use o Tendency to feel anxious depressed or empty when they are not online Blaming Yourself y Beckasserts people often o Unreasonably attribute their failures to personal shortcomings o Focus on negative feedback from others while ignoring favourable feedback o Make unduly pessimistic projections about the future y Elliscatastrophic thinking causes aggravates and perpetuates emotional reactions to stress that are often problematic y Selfblame as a coping strategy can be enormously counterproductive Coping ProcessesChapter 4
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