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Ch 13 for Psy Aspects of Life Skills

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Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Ch 13Sexual Identity The complex of personal qualities selfperceptions attitudes values and preferences that guide ones sexual behaviourFour Key Features1Sexual OrientationLGB Lesbians gay men bisexualsLBGT lesbians gay men bisexuals transgendered2Body ImageHow we see ourself physically affects how we feel about ourself in the sexual domainPositive body image is correlated with greater sexual activity higher sexual satisfaction and fewer sexual problems3 Sexual Values and EthicsAll cultures impose constraints on how we are expected to behave sexuallyDouble standard where males should engage in sexual experimentation while females should notIndividuals are faced with task of sorting through these msgs to their own sexual values and ethics4Erotic PreferencesIncludes attitudes about selfstimulation oral sex intercourse and other sexual activitiesPhysiological InfluencesHormones and Sexual DifferentiationGonads Sex glandsAndrogens Produced by testes principal class of male sex hormones Most impt is testosteroneEstrogens Produced by ovaries Principal class of female sexual hormonesBoth classes of hormones are present in both genders but in different proportionsDifferentiation in genitals depend on level of testosterone produced high in males low in femalesAt puberty hormones reassert their influence on sexual developmentHormonal changes trigger the maturation of primary sex characteristics sex organsHormonal shifts also regulate the development of secondary sex characteristics physical features that distinguish the genders but are not directly involved in reproductionFEMALES more estrogen breast development wider hips more rounded body contoursMALES facial hair deeper voice angular body contoursHormones and Sexual BehaviourAndrogen levels influence sexual motivation in men and women less strong in womenTestosterone is positively correlated with sexual activity in BOTH men and womenEstrogen DOES NOT effect sexual interest in womenphysiological factors have greater influence on anatomy sexual development than sexual activityPsychosocial InfluencesFamilies peers school media
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