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Chapter 1 An Interdisciplinary View of HealthChapter Objectives 1 Identify 3 ancient cultures that contributed to our current concept of determinants of heath2 Identify Hippocrates and explain the mindbody connection in health3 Identify the role of health policy as a determinant of health in 3 civilizations4 Describe how religion influenced beliefs about health and illness5 Identify the 4 domains of health as defines by American Psychological Association Division of Health Psychology6 Identify and describe four current models of health Opening Story Child has MS but remains very active positive and manages to maintain his sense of humourWhen asked about his health Winston always responds Im great Im doing well and my health is excellent Shows how people classify health differently For some having a disease is inconsistent with being in excellent health Some may label him as fair health because he takes medication for his illness and at times is unable to perform certain activitiesThose would consider Winston to be in good health may contend that even though he has a chronic illness he appears to be coping well emotionally Different Views on HealthPhysiological health health is determined by a persons ability to physically perform his or her daily functions without limitations restrictions or impedimentsThese beliefs may derive from such theories that propose that am individuals health is defined by the presence or absence of disease dysfunction or other biological changes in the bodyHolistic Health a state of being influenced by physiological psychological emotional and social factorshealth is defined by not only a persons physical functional status but also that persons attitude about the illness and hishers overall mental and emotional state Hippocrates is often credited as the first to acknowledge the connection between emotions and healthDeterminants of Health have been identified as contributing factors that influence health outcomes Some are universal while others appear to be specific to a culture or time Psychologists who adhere to the holistic approach identify 4 health determinants 1 Physiological2 Psychological3 Emotional4 Social Social Ecological Approach 5 determinants impact health1 Individual physiology and behaviours diet exercise and use of alcohol2 Family and cultural traditions diet social customs and belief systems 3 Physical environmental conditions clean water and safe neighborhoods
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