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Chapter 7

chapter 7

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Psychology 2040A/B
Ian Mac Donald

Chapter 7: Cognitive Development: Piaget’s Theory, Case’s Neo-Pigetian Theory, and Vgotsky’s Sociocultural Viewpoint Cognition: activity of knowing and the mental processes used to acquire knowledge and solve problems Cognitive development: changes that occur in these mental skills and abilities over the course of life Piaget’s Theory: -genetic epistemology -intelligence: adaption to environment -achieving cognitive equilibrium -child as a constructivist -scheme structure -behavioural/sensorimotor schemes -symbolic schemes -operational schemes -cognitive processes: -assimilation: interpret new experiences with existing schemes -accomodation: modify existing schemes to interpret new experiences -organization: rearranging existing schemes into more complex ones -cognitive stages of development: -sensorimotor (birth to 2 years) -preoperational (2 to 7 years) -concrete-operational (7-11) -formal-operational (11/12 +) • Sensorimotor stage -sensory inputs and motor capabilities become coordinated -6 substages: -reflex activity -primary circular reactions -secondary circular reactions -coordination of secondary schemes -tertiary circular reactions -symbolic problem solving -milesstones: -develop of imitation- deferred imitation though to emerge 18-24 mo -develop of object permanence- things still exist when hidden (A not B error) -challenges: -sensitivity to number • Preoperational stage -use of symbols increases -preconceptual period: symbolic function, symbolic/pretend play -deloache’s representational insight: model room study -deficits in reasoning: -animism -egocentrism as in three mountains problem -appearance/reality distinction -conservation Theory of Mind -children’s developin
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