Psychology 2040A/B Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Object Permanence, 18 Months, Lev Vygotsky

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Chapter 7: cognitive development 1 - piaget and vygotsky. Piaget founded the discipline we know today as cognitive development. His interest in children s thinking ensured that this eld would be developmental and would not merely apply to children the ideas and methods from the study of adult thinking: 2. Piaget convinced us that children are active explorers who play an important role in their own development: 3. Piaget s theory was one of the rst to explain and not just describe the process of development: 4. Piaget s description of broad sequences of intellectual development provides a reasonably accurate overview of how children of different ages think: 5. Piaget s ideas have had a major in uence on thinking about social and emotional development as well as many practical implications for educators: 6. Piaget asked important questions and drew literally thousands of researchers to the study of cognitive development.