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Chapter 7

chapter 7- page5

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Psychology 2040A/B

A pleasurable response centred on an external object that is discovered by chance and performed over and over oCoordination of Secondary Schemes 812 monthsInfants begin to coordinate two or more actions to achieve simple objectives This is the first sign of goaldirected behaviour oTertiary Circular Reactions 1218 monthsAn exploratory scheme in which the infant devises a new method of acting on objects to reproduce interesting results oSymbolic Problem Solving 1824 monthsInner experimentation The ability to solve simple problems on a mental or symbolic level without having to rely on trialanderror experimentation Development of ImitationoVoluntary imitation becomes much more precise at age 1218 monthsoDeferred imitation ability to reproduce a modeled activity that has been witnessed at some point in the past Development of Object PermanenceoThe realization that objects continue to exist when they are no loner visible or detectable through the other senses by 1824 monthsoAnotB error tendency of 812 month olds to search for a hidden object where they previously found it even after they have seen it moved to a new location Challenges to Piagets Account of Sensorimotor Development NeoNativism and Theory TheoriesoPiagets account of infant development is generally accurate although somewhat incomplete oNeonativismIdea that much cognitive knowledge such as the object concept is innate requiring little in the way of specific experiences to be ex
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