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Chapter 7

chapter 7 - page 4

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Psychology 2040A/B

oAppearancereality distinction ability to keep the true properties or characteristics of an object in mind despite the deceptive appearance that the object has assumed notably lacking among young children during the Preconceptual period Dual encoding representing an object in more than one way at a time not yet proficient in this at this stageoCentration centred thinking the tendency of preoperational children to attend to one aspect of a situation to the exclusion of others contrasts with decentration they attend to the most noticeable featureoConservation recognition that the properties of an object or substance do not change when its appearance is altered in some superficial wayoDecentration the ability of concrete operational children to consider multiple aspects of a stimulus or situation contrasts with centration oReversibility the ability to reverse or negate an action by mentally performing the opposite action negationDoes Piaget Underestimate the Preoperational ChildoNew evidence on egocentrismHis famous 3 mountains test too difficultChildren look much less egocentric when provided with less complicated visual displaysHe was still right in claiming that young children often rely on their own perspectives and thus fail to make accurate judgments about other peoples motives desires and intentionsassume if they know something others will toooAnother look at childrens reasoningSome preschool children do occasionally display animistic responses these judgments stem not so much from a general belief that moving inanimates have lifelike qualities as fro
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