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Chapter 9

chapter 9 - page 2

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Psychology 2040A/B

Children with siblingsbetter on falsebelief tests bc more opportunities for pretend play more interactions involving deception or trickery The ConcreteOperational Stage 711 yearsConcreteoperational period children are acquiring cognitive operations and thinking more logically about real objects and experiencesConversationoA 7 year old can decentre by focusing simultaneously on both the height and width of the 2 containersoDisplays reversibility ability to mentally undo the pouring process and imagine the liquid in its original container oRelational logicMental seriation allows one to mentally order a set of stimuli along a quantifiable dimension ie Height weightTransitivity ability to recognize relations among elements in a serial order ie If A is more than B and B is more than C then A is more than CoThe sequencing of concrete operationsHorizontal decalage a childs uneven cognitive performance an inability to solve certain problems even though one can solve similar problems requiring the same mental operations According to Piaget happens because problems that appear quite similar may actually differ in complexity Many societies begin formal education at age 6 or 7 the time when children are decentring from perceptual illusions and acquiring the cognitive operations that enable them to comprehend arithmetic The FormalOperational Stage 11 12 Formal operations when
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