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Chapter 9

chapter 9 - page 3

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Western University
Psychology 2040A/B

oConvinced us that children are curious active explorers who play an important role in their own development oHis theory first to try to explain not just describe the process of development oDescription of broad sequences of intellectual development provides a reasonably accurate overview of how children of different ages thinkoIdeas have a major influence on thinking about social and emotional development as well as many implication for educatorsoAsked important questions and drew thousands of researchers to the study of cognitive development Challenges to PiagetoFailed to distinguish competence from performance ignored motivation task familiarity and all other factors that influence performanceoDoes cognitive development really occur in stagesActually happen gradually mastered in different orders by different children oDoes Piaget explain cognitive developmentVague explanation of cognitive growth may raise more questions than it answers oDevoted too little attention to social and cultural influences Cases NeoPiagetian Theory oRobbie CaseoAgreed with Piagets general concepts of accommodation and assimilation but refined them to explain how the processes occur oAccommodationoccurs through exploration and problem solvingoAssimilation concepts of consolidation consolidate existing knowledge and automatization through practice existing knowledge is automatized oAcquisition across tasks is similar
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