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Chapter 9

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Psychology 2040A/B

CHAPTER 9INTELLIGENCEPsychometric Views of IntelligencePsychometric approach a theoretical perspective that portrays intelligence as a trait or set oftraits on which individuals differ psychometric theorists are responsible for the development ofstandardized intelligence testsAlfred Binets Singular Competent ApproachoTests measured attention perception memory numerical reasoning verbal comprehension etcidentified dull or slow children oIn 1908 age graded allowed for a more precise assessment of a childs level of intellectual functioning oMental age a measure of intellectual development that reflects the level of agegraded problems a child is able to solve Factor Analysis and the Multicomponent View of IntelligenceoChallenged the notion that a single score can adequately represent a persons intelligence different subtests that measure a number of distinct mental abilities rather than a single overarching ability oFactor analysis a statistical procedure for identifying clusters of tests or test items called factors that are highly correlated with one another and unrelated to other test itemsEarly Multicomponent theories of intelligence oSpearmanIntellectual performance has 2 aspectsG general mental factor abbreviation for neogenesis which roughly translated means ones ability to understand relations general mental ability S mental abilities that are specific to particular tests oThurstonealso took factor anal
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