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Chapter 5

chapter 5

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Psychology 2042A/B
Scott Wier

Chapter 5 ADHDy Ageinappropriate inattention andor hyperactivity impulsivity y Note hyperactivity and inattention do not both need be present one or other or both y Problems with sustained attentionfocusing not rushing o Ex if we expect a 67 yr old to focus on teacher lessonAnd similarly expect that same child to control behaviour at school setting AND home setting y Problems controlling ones behaviour o Expect them to sit in chair wout squirming waiting their turn for game or to answer question without blurting it out o Expect them to have regulatoryexecutive functions getting dressed for school putting things away o Their cognitive skills leave them at disarray usually devalued as lazy y Absence of care when performing a cognitive actKey ElementsInattention IAy Probs w concentration easily distracted y Not listening y Forgetfuldisorganized y Fail to complete assignments difficulty persevering tasks that they thing boring y Primary attentional deficit in ADHDsustained attentionie persistence vigilance especially on boring tasks like schoolHyperactivityImpulsivity HIy Hyperactivity and impulsivity are synonymous 1 Inhibitting inappropriate behaviour and 2 Selfregulation2 principal symptomatic areas
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