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Chapter 6

chapter 6

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Scott Wier

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Conduct ProblemsChapter 6Teacher worked at detention center and used qualitative methods for research he never told guards or inmates that he was actually collecting notes and recording convos he didnt want to come across as researcher so as not to skew resultsRehabilitation virtually impossible and government shut down unit where he workedThe Work of Wier1 Qualitative approach to data collection 2 Datajournal entries OSR records informal interviewsconvos w psychologistssocial workers guards and analysis of previous studies and literature personal experiences w COs and inmates 3 Pessimism should not equal rejections beyond reform and need for reform 4 Environment of the prison made reform virtually impossibleGeneral DescriptionODD Oppositional Defiant Disordermore to do w attitude CD Conduct Disordermore to do with behaviour ODDCDASB antisocial behavioury All these are mostly interchangeabley Occasional antisocial actsrelatively normal in childhood drugs taking things lying etc but not microwaving animal for exy Most antisocial behaviours decline over time but NOT SO in the case of aggressiono Aggression throughout childhood is very stable over the course of the lifespan same as IQ o Aggressionmore common in boys during the early years the differences decreases by adolescenceand girls usually more sneaky y ASB most costly mental health problemWhat constitutes a Conduct Problem
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