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Chapter 7

chapter 7

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Psychology 2042A/B
Scott Wier

Anxiety DisordersChapter 7y Intense Negativity including bodily symptoms of tension y Apprehensive expectation of some future danger or threatening misfortune over which one has little or no sense of control no negative feelingstension filled y Sometimes symptoms are mistaken for heart attack y Anxiety in moderate levels is an adaptive emotion for coping with situation that are threatening3 Components of Anxietyy Physical autonomic nervous system y Cognitive heightened awareness of potential sources of threat y Behavioural need to act upon inner emotions o Avoidance behaviours like not going to school are negatively reinforcingAnxietyFearPanicDifferencesy Fear a presentoriented emotional reaction to a current danger y Anxiety future oriented emotion feelings of apprehension about upcoming events y Panic unexpected and rapid fightflight response characterized by physical symptoms in the absense of ny obvious threat or dangerNormal fears Anxieties Worries and Ritualsy Most fears are developmentally appropriate most decline with age however social fears often increase w age y Ritualistic and repetitive activity is common in young children helps to gain control over socialphsycical environment make the world more predictablesafe y Children w anxiety disorders express particular concerns about being in the presence of strangerspossible foundation for later social anxietyAnxiety Disorders and the DSM IV SADSeparation Anxiety Disordery SAD and Seperation Anxietynot the same y One year old who shows an absense of anxiety when separated from its mother reflects impaired attachment
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