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Chapter 1

Chapter 1- Intro to Children who are Exceptional

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Psychology 2043A/B
Esther Goldberg

Chapter 1 Intro to Children who are Exceptional The Study of Exceptionalityy Can be viewed through multiple lens o Disability studies is an invocative and complex multidisciplinary field with an extensive professional and academic foundation Addresses exceptionality in its social and political garb Main focus the dynamic interaction between bodily impairments peoples social and physical environments and the factors that influence the participation of people with disability in societyy Another way to study exceptionality is to study the characteristics of students with exceptionalitieso Diverse group compared to the rest of the population in terms of symptoms needs and teachability therefore unable to make definitive statements about groups of children with same exceptionality y Therefore the complexities of studying children with disabilities lie in the differences similarities and diversity of the populationSpecial Educationy Intervention may take many formsmedical technical therapeutic and educationy In educational context a child is considered exceptional only when their educational program must be altered to meet their needsy Special education means instruction that is specially designed to meet the unique needs of children and youth who are exceptionalo Students who are having problems adjusting to the regular school curriculum and those who encounter difficulties in conforming to the social needs of the classroomo Require specific physical accommodations hearing aid wheelchair ramp y Special education has expanded dramatically from just school age children to infants and adults y Although the onus of classroom instruction is increasingly being placed on general education teachers these teachers are not alone in their efforts psychologists speech therapists and occupational therapists counselors and other professionals consult and collaborate with teachers to help them plan the best possible education of that student y Support services refers to those services that assist a child who is exceptional to benefit from special education
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