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Chapter 6

Chapter 6- Intellectual Disabilities

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Western University
Psychology 2043A/B
Esther Goldberg

Chapter 6y Intellectual disability refers to delayed intellectual growth that is manifested in immature reactions to environmental stimuli and belowaverage social and academic performanceo Have difficulty with complex academic material o Markedly slower than their agemates in reasoning making judgments using memory effectively and associating and classifying informationDefinitions of Intellectual Disabilities AAMR AAMR Definition Subaverage General Intellectual Functioning y Individuals are not considered unless they score below 70 IQ2 or more SD below the meany Definition was limited in 1973 from IQ of 85 down to 70 eliminating 80 of those previously defined as IDy Today 8570at risk borderline perhaps slow learners but not IDAdaptive Behaviour AB y Since 50s changing definitions of ID have given increasing prominence to the concept of ABy Mercer described the sixhour retarded child the one who cannot cope with the methods pace and materials of regular educational classroom but functions adequately in other environments y Adaptive Behaviour is the degree and efficiency with which an individuals meets the standards of personal independence and social responsibility of his age and cultural groupo Dynamic construct influenced by cultural norms and agerelated expectations o How well an individual can adapt to environmental demands o Also implies over time and with experience behaviour can changey Individuals must demonstrate poor AB as well as subaverage intellectual functioning before that can be classified as ID
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