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Chapter 9

Chapter 9- Children who are gifted and talented

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Psychology 2043A/B
Esther Goldberg

Chapter 9 Children who are gifted creative and talented Gifted is a somewhat abstract term applied to people who by virtue of outstanding abilities are capable of high performanceCan include talent aptitude creativity personality and motivation Few individuals achieve remarkably high levels across several domains Definitions of GiftednessTo be gifted is to be superior in some way to the averageNo universal definition exists no set of traits adequately defines any gifted child The only definition with any consensus not universal still is that of Sydney Marland proposed in 1972 adopted by the US Office of Education in 1977 and revised in 1981Gifted and talented children are those identified by professionally qualified persons who but virtue of outstanding abilities are capable of high performanceThere are children who require differentiated education programs andor services beyond those normally provided by regular school program in order to realize their contribution to self and society This definition is inclusive specific and practical It encompasses wide range of gifts talents and creative aptitudesStresses the necessity for special education provisions Ties identification to the necessity for appropriate programing There is no consensus on how to measure superiority or how to recognize potential giftedness Concepts of Giftedness have been changing for the last 100 years When the roots of the field were laid down by Galton and Terman high IQ was viewed as the critical dimension of giftednessRESERACH NOTES Terman Studies Expanded concepts and procedures related to IQ developed by BinetBelieved the Binet scale assessed a wide range of performance and could be adapted to use with highfunctioning children He published the StanfordBinet Individual Intelligence Test Terman said that intelligence was manifested essentially in the ability to acquire and manipulate conceptsHe defined gifted as those who scored in the top 1 of general intellectual ability as measured by the SB scale or comparable instrument He carefully distinguished giftedness from talent and creativity was a personality factor so differed from giftedness and talentHe viewed talent as the potential for unusual achievement but only combined with high IQ 1922 study California schoolchildren 1528 856 males 672 femalesDesigned to discover what physical mental and personality traits are characteristic of gifted children as a class and what sort of adult they typical gifted child becomes Relied on teacher nominations 140 or above on SB Individual Intelligence Test Findings Mid or high SES low incidence of broken homes could read before kindergarten1 in 5 skipped part of all of gr 1Averaged 40 higher than classmates on achievement tests Preferred abstract subjects literary debate ancient history Read more better books numerous collections many hobbies Finished school 14faster than other studentsWhen retested as adults retained intellectual superiority As adults higher occupational status made more literary and scientific contributionsMaintained superior physical characteristics health physique mental health emotional adjustment College was not common for women in this time but 67 in received at least a bachelors degreewent to graduate school Female sample contained more childless women higher income and level of employment Today IQbased definitions may be used but are generally joined with other concepts 2 different views about giftedness exist now 1 Giftedness as potential Follows traditional mode
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