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Chapter 3

Psychology 2060 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Vocational Rehabilitation Act Of 1973, Pregnancy Discrimination Act, Armed Forces Service Medal

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PSYCH 2060
Athena Xenikou

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Chapter 3 Legal Issues in employee selection
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
A branch of the department of labour responsible with investigating and
prosecuting complaints of employment discrimination.
Grievance System:
A process in which an employee files a complaint with the organization and a
person/committee makes a decision regarding the complaint
Mediation: A method of resolving conflict in which a neutral 3rd party is asked to
help 2 parties reach an agreement.
Arbitration: Resolving conflicts in which a neutral 3rd party makes the correct
decision when 2 parties present their cases.
Binding- no appealing decision
Nonbinding: may appeal the decision
Filing Discrimination Charge
No merit= complainant accepts decision or “right to sue”
Merit= Settlement between complainant and employer or no settlement reached,
case goes to federal district court
Protected Class: Any group of people for whom protective legislation has been
passed (protected by federal law)
Fifth Amendment:
Under the U.S constitution, federal government may not deny person equal
protection under the law
Fourteenth Amendments:
Under the U.S constitution, no state may not deny person equal protection under the
Colour protected under the Civil Rights Acts
Sex protect under the Civil Rights Acts and Equal Pay Act
National Origin protected under Civil Rights Acts (Hispanics are protected under
national origin, not race)
Religion protected under the Civil Rights Act
Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA):
A federal law that forbids discrimination against an individual who is over the age
Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Americans with Disabilities Act
(ADA) prevents discrimination against the physically or mentally handicapped
Pregnancy Discrimination Act: Federal law protecting the rights of pregnant
Vietnam-Era Veteran Readjustment Act: Federal law that mandates contractors
to take affirmative action to employ and promote Vietnam-era veterans
Jobs for Veterans Act: To increase the coverage of VEVRA to included disabled
veterans, veterans who recently left service and veterans with an Armed forces
service medal
Bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ):
Selection requirement that is necessary for performance of job related duties.
Some job may require specific sex, race or national origin but not many.
Quid pro Quo:
A type of sexual harassment in which the granting of sexual favour is tied to an
employment decision (promotion and salary increases)
Drug Testing
- Employees must be given opportunity to be retested and explain positive test
- Must have reason to suspect drug use
- Must involve safety or trust of the public
- Process must be accurate and reasonably private
- Results should be confidential