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Chapter 1

Ch. 1 for People and Work in Canada 1st ED (online course)

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PSYCH 2060
Sarah Ross

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Chapter 1 Intro to I/O Psych Textbook Notes
-Vast majority of Canadians work in service sector
Canadian Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology (CSIOP) defines I/O psych
“I/O psych is a field of both scientific research and professional practice that
aims to further the welfare of people by: understanding the behaviour of
individuals and organizations in the work place: helping individuals pursue
meaningful and enriching work: and assisting organizations in the effective
management of their human resources.”
-I/O psychologists share interests with health, social, and counseling psychologists
-Strong bg in psychometrics, statistics, and research methods
-Overlaps with organizational behaviour, human resource mgmt., and industrial
-Draws on theories and methods of psych to understand/improve the workplace
P. 5, Box 1.1 Competency areas in I/O Psych (Training)
-First two books in I/O were called “Increasing Human Efficiency in Business” and
Psychology and Industrial Efficiency (Munsterberg)
-Wilhelm Wundt’s lab starting point for I/O psych
-Walter Dill Scott first professor of applied psych
-“Founder of I/O psych” - Munsterberg
-Founder of The Psychological Corporation; first I/O consulting firm- James McKeen
Army Alpha
-Measure of cognitive ability developed for placement of US soldiers during WWI
-Developed by Robert Yerkes (president of APA)
-Army Beta was the nonverbal equivalent
Job Analysis: way of understanding job tasks and requirements through systematic
Hawthorne Studies
-Series of studies conducted at Hawthorne Works of the Western Electric Company
-Found that productivity improved regardless of change in working conditions
-When level of illumination was increased, productivity went up and when level
of illumination was decreased, productivity also went up.
-Hawthorne Effect: suggestion that any intervention will have the desired effect
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