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Chapter 2

Job Analysis (Chapter 2)

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Western University
Psychology 2061A/B
Athena Xenikou

th September 26 2013 Week 3 – JobAnalysis JobAnalysis – collects information on tasks, activities and duties employees perform while doing their jobs – also identifying the competencies & personal requirements that are required to do a job, and do it well. Importance of Job Analysis – Basis for many HRM decisions and activities – Job descriptions are the results of job analyses. – Job analysis and organizational analysis can be combined to make sure jobs are being done the best that they can be with the employees being efficient Job Descriptions – 1 – 5 pages in length, concrete and accurate information related to the job & tasks.. sections of a job description: – Job Title – should be an accurate description of the job – it's important that people doing the same jobs have the same job titles.. – Brief Summary – 1 or 2 pages – describes job, written in a way that's easy to understand. No jargon or abbreviations – WorkActivities – all of the duties, activities that someone would be doing in performing the job well – statement of how the job should be done, the ideal way of doing the job – organized by duties, professional requirements.. temporal order. – Task statements are within the WorkActivities section.. – List only one activity per statement – Statements should be able to stand alone – easy to understand, accessible by all people – precise words – Tools and Equipment Used – useful in selection and recruitment. – Job
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