Psychology 2070A/B Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Autobiographical Memory, Eyewitness Identification, Walter Gretzky

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Sometimes a matter of life and death to identify what is happening quickly and correctly to you or someone with you e. g. walter gretzky. E. g. you know a fire will be hot before you touch it. Social cognition: the study of how information about people is processed and stored. Schemas: mental representations of objects or categories, which contain the central features of the object as well as assumptions about how the object/category works. Relational schemas: for specific interpersonal interactions such as how a doctor and patient are suppose to interact. Much of a child"s early learning involves the formation of schemas. Selective information processing: researchers have shown that the schema used to categorize an object can influence what is noticed about the object, study: take shown of woman having dinner with her husband. Participants were told she was a librarian, and the other that she was a server.