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Chapter 8

Lecture and Textbook Notes for Chapter 8

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Psychology 2070A/B

Social PsychologyLecture Chapter 8Conformity ComplianceObedienceConformityAny change in behavior caused by another person or group The person affected moves in the direction of the influenceConformityexternal behaviorDoesnt matter how the influence occursany change in behaviorEncompasses both compliance and obedience ie following a social norm in settingConformity pressure we want to be differentuniqueEnormous benefits to conformitygood thing for societyExamples copying another persons clothing imitation eating healthy foods after seeing them on TV learning sitting quietly on the bus following normSome benefits of ConformityObedienceo Social order depends on conformity to customs eg lining up o Law rests on conformityobedience o Learning involves conformity ie how to shoot a basketball 3 Aspects of Problematic Conformity 1 Undesirable behavior smoking 2 Rejection cliques 3 Obey Immoral Orders WWII ComplianceA change in behavior that results from a request by another person or group As a result of being ASKEDExamples Drive a friend to an appointment give money to a charity clean your room after your mom asks you toObedienceA change in behavior that results from an order or rule from another person or groupAs a resulted of being ORDEREDOften rests on perceptions of the authority of the individual giving the orderStudy A young man approached people on the street and pointed to a man standing by a parking meter 50 feet away Sometimes the man was dressed in normal clothes other times in a security guard uniform The man told people that the person across the street needed a dime for a parking meter and then walked away If the man was in normal clothes only 42 of the participants gave the other man a dime for the parking meter if he was in a uniform 92 gave him a dime Examples write an essay for a course obey a cop at a construction site take drugs ordered by doctorInformational InfluenceInfluence from other people that reflects the desire to be correct Normative InfluenceDesire to avoid punishment and seek out rewardsThe person may not think the behavior is correct but they think it will reward or prevent punishment ie teen staying home because of parental threat of punishment o Can occur together and usually do ie your dentist tells you it is important to floss every day informational influence says you believe flossing is important and normative influence says you do not want to disappoint your dentistResearch on ConformityLine Judgment TaskWhich line is the same length as A 1 2 or 377 of the original participants went along with an incorrect judgment at least ONCE during the study 32 of the original participants went along with an incorrect judgment for the majority of the studyThis setting elicited normative influencePeople KNEW they were giving incorrect answersIf people were asked to write the answers down they got 100 all the timeConducted more experiments informational influence began to occur when there are more difficult tasks Even 1 person who dissents will break the normative influence and conformity disappearsConcluded that as the size of the group increases so does the conformity up to about 5 peoplethen it remains constant
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