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Chapter 10

Lecture and Textbook Notes for Chapter 10

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Psychology 2070A/B

Social PsychologyLecture Chapter 10 Group Dynamics and Intergroup RelationsGrouptwo or more people who are influencing each otherCollections of individuals become more group like when they o Are interdependent outcomes dependent on each others actions o Share a common identity motorcycle club o Have a group structure Royal Family structureSocial FacilitationThe presence of other people tends to improve individual performance on simple tasks but impair individual performance on difficult tasks trombone player working out at gym etcThe presence of other people increases physiological arousal Innate tendencyEvaluation apprehension anxious about being judged by others watchingCompetitive motivationIn turn physiological arousal increases the probability of the dominant response which is the response that is most likely on the task when the individual is aloneSocial facilitation the presence of others can either improve or impair performance on individual tasksStudy Cockroaches were placed in test maze boxes with bright light shone on them to motivate escape escape was possible either via a straight runway or a more complex maze The cockroaches were either tested alone or in the presence of 20 other cockroaches The cockroach was obviously faster when going straight but it was also faster in audience condition and slower in the audience condition in the complex environment Social LoafingPeople often reduce their effort on a group task where their individual contributions are unidentifiableIdea that people dont work hard and are rewarded as suchSometimes deliberate person may slack offSocial Loafing can be reduced by 1 Make individual contributions identifiable2 Make the task important 3 Choose women as memberswomen are less likely to loaf than men
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