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Chapter 5

Some CH. 5 notes for 2070A/B

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Psychology 2070A/B
Patrick Brown

Ch 5Person in the Situation Selfconcept Gender and DispositionsDispositions Individuals consistencies across time and settings in specific type of feeling thought andor action which make individuals different from othersSelfconcept All info abt the self in memoryIdentity Narrower construct Characteristics individuals think define them and make up their most impt qualitiesSpontaneous selfconcept Aspects of identity that are in conscious awareness at given point in timeAspects of self recently activated make the self distinctive are esp likely to be part of this conceptIdentity consists of both personal qualities and group membershipsSocial identity theory We want to maintain a positive social group identityAchieved via perception that groups to which they belong to are superior to other groupsMinimal group studies Assigns participants to arbitrarymeaningless groupsResults showed participants treat ingroup members more favourably than outgroup membersOptimal distinctiveness theory We want a balance btwn similarity and separateness from othersEnough individuality to have own identity but not so much that we feel disconnected from othersCollectivists cultures more likely to define themselves in social relationship termsHigh selfesteem can lead to NARCISSISM Excessive love for the selfThreatened Egotism Ppl high in narcissism respond with greater aggression to personal threat
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