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Chapter 7

Psychology 2075 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Social Exchange Theory, Human Sexuality

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PSYCH 2075
Chris Roney

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Friday, January 4, 2019
human sexuality textbook notes
chapter 7 — relationships, intimacy and communication !
-social exchange theory — the view that a relationships development reflects the
unfolding of social exchanges — that is, the rewards and costs of a maintaining the
relationship as opposed to those of ending it !
-ABCDE model — conceptualizes romantic relationships in terms of 5 stages;
attraction, building, continuation, deterioration and ending !
(A)ttraction — occurs when 2 people become aware of and find one another
appealing or enticing !
(B)uilding — building a relationship follows initial attraction, factors that motivate
us to build a relationship; physical attraction, similarity in attitudes, and interests
and generally pos. eval. of the partner !
(C)ontinutation — patterns of interaction remain relatively stable !
(D)eterioration — deteriorates when becomes less rewarding than it was !
-active response — doing something that may enhance the relationship or
deciding to end the relationship !
-passive methods — merely waiting for something to happen, doing little or
nothing !
(E)nding — social exchange theory, relationships draw to a close when the
partners find little satisfaction in the aliation, when the barriers to leaving the
relationship are low and especially when alternative partners are available !
-in early stages of building a relationship we typically look for common ground in the
form of overlapping attitudes and interests !
-small talk — a superficial kind of conversation that allows exchange of info but
stresses breadth of topic coverage rather than in depth discussion !
-self disclosure — the revelation of personal perhaps intimate info !
-intimacy — feelings of closeness and connectedness, marked by sharing of ones
innermost thoughts and feelings!
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