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Chapter 6

Psychology 2075 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Human Sexuality, Physical Attractiveness, Storge

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PSYCH 2075
Chris Roney

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Friday, January 4, 2019
human sexuality textbook notes
chapter 6 — attraction and love !
-attraction !
attraction similarity hypothesis!
-people tend to develop romanic relationships with those whose level of physical
attractiveness and other traits are similar to their own (cultural background,
personalty traits, interests)!
-gender dierences; research shows…!
men are more likely to to communicate pos feelings and present themselves
in a pos light when they are conversing with a woman similar in physical
attractiveness — not the same for women, suggesting physical attractiveness
is more important than men !
people are more often than not similar to their partners in height, weight,
personality traits, intelligence and even in use of alc. and tobacco!
our partners tend to resemble us in race and ethnicity, age, level of edu., and
religion — 95% of canadians choose partners from their own racial
background — though bi racial couples are becoming more pop.!
opposites do not attract — less apt to be attracted to people who disagree with
our views !
propinquity — relationships are based on proximity !
sex dierences;!
-evidence shows that women are more likely than men to place greater weight on
similar attitudes as a determinant of attraction, whereas, men place greater
weight on physical attraction !
when we feel admired and complimented we tend to return these feelings and
behaviours — this is called reciprocity !
-tend to be more warm, helpful and candid when we’re with strangers who seem
to like us!
physical attractiveness !
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