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Chapter 2

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Psychology 2080A/B

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January 16 2013 Psychology 2080BChapter 2 Norms and Basic Statistics for TestingWhy we need statisticsInference logical deductions about events that cannot be observed directly Descriptive statistics are methods used to provide a concise description of a collection of quantitative information Inferential Statistics are methods used to make inferences from observations of a small group of people known as a sample to a larger group of individuals known as the population Scales of measurementMagnitude a scale has a property of magnitude if we can say that a particular instance of the attribute represents more less or equal amount of the given quantity than does another instance Equal intervals a scale has the property of equal intervals if the difference between the two points at any place on the scale has the same meaning as the difference between two there points that differ by the same number of scale unitso This can be described in a linear unit of ymxb Absolute 0 is obtained when nothing of the property being measured exists example you have 0 dollars in
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