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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Psychology Testing Textbook, 7th edition

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Psychology 2080A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Chapter 1Standartized tests tend to disadvantage female and ethic minorities LSAT and GRE are the most difficult modern psychological testsGRE has an international significance 18 countries ranked above the United States in theof 15 years old in math and literacy Always ask the questions How useful are the tests Do they measure anything meaningful How accurate are they these questions are from the every US citizen and international community To answer the questions about the test understand reliability validity item analysis and test constructionTest is a measurement device or techinique used to quantify behavior or aid in the undertsanding and prediction of behavior Ex spelling test measures how well smone spells or the extent to which smone has learned to spell a specific list of wordsTest measures only a sample of behaviorerror is always associating w a sampling process Test scores are not perfect meausrement of behavior or characterictic but it does add significance to the predictio0n process An item ia a specific stilulus to which a person responds overtly the respond can be scored or evaluated Psychological and educational tests are made up of itemsthe data they produce are explicit and hence subject to scientific inquiryA psycological test or educational test is a set of items to measure characteristics of human beings that pertain to behavior Overt behavior is an individuals observable activity Coverbehavior takes a place within an individual and cant be observed directly ex feelings or thoughts Measures past or current behavior To deal with a problem of interpretation psychologists use scalewhich relate raw scores on test items to some defined theoretical or empirical distribution Scores on tests may be related to traits which are enduring characteristics to respond in certain way test score may also be related to the state or the specific condition or status of an individualTypes of testIndividula test can be given to a single person The test administratorthe act of giving the testGroup test administared to more then one person at a time by a single administratorAbility test contains items that can be scored in terms of speed accuracy or boththe faster or the more accurate your responses the better your scores on a particular characteristicAchievement refers to previous learning Achievement spelling test measures how many words you can spell corectly Aptitude refers to the potential for learning or or acquiring a specific skillsA spelling apptitude test measures how many words you might be able to spell given a certain amount of training education and expereince Intelligence refers to a person general potential to solve problems adapt to changing circomstances think abstractly and profit from experience All of these three terms are hightly interrelated Attempts to separate prior learning and potential for learning were not succesfullAll there are refers to the term Human abilityAbility test are related to capacity or potential personality tests are related to the overt and covert dispositions of the individualex the tendency of a person to show particular behavior or response in a given situationStructured personality test provide a statement usually of the self reported variety and require the subject to choose
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