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Chapter 1

CHAPTER 1: Cognitive Notes

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Western University
Psychology 2135A/B
Patrick Brown

Cognitive Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 1 IntroductionCognitive psychologists are interested in pattern recognition attention memory visual imagery language problem solving and decision makingCognitive psychology the study of the mental operations that support peoples acquisition and use of knowledge Neissers definition Cognitive psychology refers to all process by which the sensory input is transformed reduced elaborated stored recovered and used o Reference to a sensory store implies that cognition begins with our contact with the external worldo Representation of the world is not just a passive registration of our physical surroundings but an active construction that can involve both reduction and elaborationReduction occurs when information is lost because only a small part of what we attend to can be rememberedElaboration when we add to the sensory input for example when you meet a new friend and recall shared experiencesStorage of information does not guarantee recovery The InformationProcessing ApproachHuman information processing the psychological approach that attempts to identify what occurs during the various stages attention perception shortterm memory of processing informationInformationproce
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