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Chapter 3

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Psychology 2135A/B
Patrick Brown

Chapter 3 Cognitive Attention Chapter 3 Attention Bottleneck theory a theory that attempts to explain how people select information when some informationprocessing stage becomes overloaded with too much informationConcentration investing mental effort in one or more tasks Mental effort the amount of mental capacity required to perform a taskCapacity theory a theory proposing that we have limited amount of mental effort to distribute across tasks so there are limitations on the number of tasks we can perform at the same timeo Discussed in Rumelharts model feature recognition slows as the number of items increases because a limited amount of attention must be distributed over more patternsBroadbents Filter ModelFilter model the proposition that a bottleneck occurs at the pattern recognition state and that attention determines what information reaches the pattern recognition stageLimited capacity perceptual channel the pattern recognition stage of Broadbents model which is protected by the filter attention from becoming overloaded with too much perceptual information Treismans Attenuation ModelShadowing an experimental method that requires people to repeat the attended message out loudContextual effect the influence of the surrounding context on the recognition of patterns Threshold the minimal amount of
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