Psychology 2135A/B Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Connectionism, Word Superiority Effect, Change Blindness

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Chapter 3 - object perception and pattern recognition. Perception: interpretation of sensory information to yield a meaningful description. Areas of brain responsible for visual processing occupy up to half of total cortex space. Perception divided into visual, auditory, gustatory, olfactory, haptic. Distal stimulus: stimulus that exists in the world. Proximal stimulus: reception of information and its registration by a sense organ. Percept: outcome of a perceptual process; meaningful interpretation of incoming information. Retinal image: two-dimensional image; closer to object, larger the image; upside down and reversed with respect to left and right; formed on retina. Size constancy: phenomenon that one"s perception of an object remains constant even as the retinal image of the object changes size. Pattern recognition: classification of a stimulus into a category. Most, if not all, instances of perception involve pattern recognition. We interpret stimulus arrays as consisting of objects and backgrounds. Form perception: process by which brain differentiates objects from their backgrounds.