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Chapter 1

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Western University
Psychology 2210A/B

Intro to Animal CognitionREADING NOTESChap 1Learning the means by which individuals adjust to changes in their enviro and then retain those adjustmentsConsidered evidence of intelligence by DarwinOne of the fundamental characteristics of behaviourLearning id identified by a change in behThe change in beh used to identify learning can either be an increase or decrease in a particular responseLearning is not the only source of beh changes thoughoShort term beh changes due to fatigue stimulus change motivational effectsoLong term beh changes due to maturation evolutionWhat makes learning different from these other sources is that it is relatively long lastingDifference btw learning and maturation is that practice is needed for learning all learning requires some practice or experience specifically related to the acquired behoBeh changes due to learning are more limited to the practical response whereas the same maturation process can produce a beh change in many diff situationsEvolutionary changes happen across generations while learning happens to the individual over one lifespan Learning can be behaviourally silent so in that case needs special procedures to test if the person has learnedStimulus to stimulus learning SS Learning the learning of an associatio
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