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Chapter 5

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Psychology 2210A/B

Intro to Animal CognitionREADING NOTESChap 5Temporal relationship between CS and US timeSimultaneous conditioning temporal contiguitycoincidenceCSUS interval0oDoesnt yield strong evidence of learningDelayed conditioning BESTCSUS interval0oCS slightly before US best evidence of associative learningTrace conditioning trace intervaloCS gap before US lower degree of conditioned response different memory system than delayed conditioning CSUS interval effects how much time passes btw start of CS and presentation of US CSUS intervalinterstimulis intervaloAs CSUS interval becomes longer evidence of learning declinesIn taste aversion conditioning the novel flavorCS illness experienceUSoLong delay learning can be learned even if illness happens hours laterTemporal encoding organism learns when the US will occur after CS Signal relationships btw CS and USInformational relation conditioned response develops faster when CS serves as a reliable signal for USOccurrences of US can be predicted from occurrences of CS CSUS Contiguity and Blocking Effect KaminoBlocking Effect a CS presented with another cue The other cue will be ignored because you al
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