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Chapter 11

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Psychology 2210A/B

Intro to Animal CognitionREADING NOTESChap 11When punish is administered by another person rather than an automatic environment consequence it is less effectivePunishment is also ineffective when its highly intermittent doesnt always happen and delayed doesnt immediately happen and when its initially mild and only increases in severity after many offensesPunishment is often signalled by a discriminative stimulusPunishment succeeds whenoIs occurs consistently immediately intense the first time not signaled by a discriminatory stimulus cant see it coming Responsereinforcer contingencyPunish reinf only delivered after a certain response delivery of aversive stimulus depends on prior occurrence of target responseMust be relative to produce effect Responsereinforcer contiguityShortest delay btw beh and punishment is most effective Intensity of aversive stimulusExposure to mild punishment almost numbs the organism to worsemore intense punishmentExposure to intense punishment sensitizes P to successive mild punish oppo
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